Sep 13, 2010

Interview time... /Gulp!

Time to buckle down and dust off those interview skills! I've landed an an assessment interview for a new position within our company. New realm of responsibility, completely new department, entirely new works away from the contact center focused career I've had so far. Plus a promotion and pay bump to boot: bonus!

It's both exciting and nerve wracking. But interviews are all about preparation.  I know how to get ready.  Nonetheless, wish me luck all.

"Can you tell me about a time when you..."

Update 9/16:  Took the initial assessment which was basically a spelling and proofreading test today.  No interview scheduled yet but hopefully we'll have that all set within the next few days.  Step one:  complete.

Update 9/21:  An excerpt from an e-mail from our HR department...
"Thank you for posting for the position of ...

At this time the hiring department has decided to move forward with other applicants and will no longer be pursuing your candidacy. We do appreciate your interest in the position and your desire to further your career objectives."

Guess I'll keep looking.  Kind of disappointing because I really thought the department's work was truly interesting and could renew my interest and enjoyment of my job.  But for now it seems, back to the grind.