Sep 28, 2009

Those "Uh-oh" moments

Pick-up groups or PuGs as they are so affectionately called. We’ve all had to do them at one point or another. On a largely dead server like the Alliance side of Gul’dan it’s really the only way to run five-man content.

We’ve also all been in those groups that make you shudder. The kinds where you know there is going to be a problem, even before you get started. Having tanked through most of my Burning Crusade career and tanked and healed through Wrath, I think I’ve developed a keen eye for sensing and identifying those problems.

So today kiddies, I’m going to share the Jarr perspective. Here are some signs that you might be a problem. If nothing else try not to be this guy or gal.

Lacking cheese heads
In your next PuG take a look at everyone’s buffs. Count how many people have an appropriate “Well Fed” buff from food. If there are not five cheese heads running, then someone is not coming prepared.

Vanilla WoW had some lack luster buff foods. Once you hit Hellfire Peninsula and BC content it gets much better. And Northrend foods are just outstanding. The resources for most are readily accessible from mobs you’re likely to be killing anyway (Nessingwary anyone?).

There is absolutely no excuse for this one. If you don’t have it, then it shows you either roll unprepared or that you don’t care enough about the success of the group to use it. Crunch and munch so that we can crunch a bunch.

"Does anyone have any XYZ?"
Fill in the blanks. This could be buff food, mana or health pots, hunter ammo, or elixirs and flasks. If you can’t keep on hand what you need to run something, then take the time to stock up before you join LFG.

And if you ask for a Fish Feast, you’re likely to get booted. Ironically the people that ask for them the most are ones that have neglected their cooking and fishing altogether. Bring what you need. Keep it on hand at all times. That means buff food, regular food,and water.  If you have a blue bar and no water on hand, you are nine kinds of fail.

"Does anyone have the meters for that fight?"
This shows two problems in my opinion. First it shows you’re probably trying to flex your e-peen. Second, if the meters mattered that much to you, then you'd be running one yourself.

Granted, some people may use them as an appropriate measurement tool. In most PuG cases though those asking are often more of a tool themselves.

Jarr’s meters are easier and require no mods to run. Is the boss dead? If yes let’s move on.

Can I get a summons?
This is a mixed bag but it always irks me. If you’re stuck in old world with a hearth on CD then I can understand (maybe). But if you’ve been sitting in Dalaran for the last 20 minutes I ain’t pulling you in. Make an effort to get there and if you’re not the first two there you’ll get your port. Don’t be lazy.

No buffet or candy dishes
Mages and ‘locks, I’m looking at you. It costs you next to nothing to toss up a table, soul well (candy dish!) or even a portal after a run. Doing something as simple as that sets a positive tone for you in the group. You’ve come prepared and are willing to help everyone out. Not doing so can show you as being cheap, selfish, or just an uncaring SoB. Do the right thing. Toss it down. Now, if people demand such things of you, then do as you will.

Agro! I gots it!
Hunters and rogues – it’s your turn in the barrel. Your threat reduction and distribution abilities (Misdirection and Tricks of the Trade) are there for a reason. Use them. Granted, most Wrath five-man content doesn’t truly need it. On the other hand, everyone loves a smooth run. Tossing a bit of agro gain to the tank can only help. Additionally, remember that it’s a PuG. You may not know the competence of the tank at hand. Everything you can do to help sets you in a better position to succeed and to be perceived as a team player.

"I hope my pants drop!"
Loot. We all want it.  It's probably the reason you signed up to PuG in the first place.  However, this shows that you are focused on a personal end goal rather than the task at hand. Additionally, it’s a bit insulting to assume that they would be yours when there is likely someone else in the group that could use it.  Even more so if it’s a larger upgrade for them. And remember the random number generator is the bane of such things. Generally when that is said in a group, it’s usually a guarantee that it ain’t gonna drop. Damn you, Ingvar the Plunderer!

"How do I get there?"
This one came out of Brewfeast really with Corbin Direbrew being buried in Blackrock Depths. It’s amazing how many PuGs I’ve run on this and how many people didn’t know how to get there.

It makes Jarr sad that so many people have blindly blown past that content. BRD is a lore rich and well constructed instance. I have some pretty epic memories of fights and guild runs in there.

Thank Elune for the Brewfest mole drillers at the start though. Can you imagine if these PuGgers actually had to navigate through BRD and find their way to the bar to do it? I wonder how many even have the Shadowforge key. Hell, how many even know it exists for that matter (let alone know how to get it)?

Jarr’s Motto for PuGgers
In short remember Jarr’s motto. Roll prepared or don't roll at all. You don’t have to come in with best-in-slot gear or break 4k DPS to be a winner in my book. Do your part, do it well, and roll prepared and we’ll get along just fine.

Happy PuG-ing all!  LFM for Direbrew.  I hope my Kodo drops.


  1. 1st rule: I never pug, that is of course unless you are putting the group together and I'm in your party :) Buff food? I thought that was the dish of peanuts and bottle of beer sitting next to my laptop. Yeah, I know I are full of fail. My mage does always drop a table and offer ports at the end though :)

  2. So this is what you do all night long in the basement - interesting - nice work Jarr I especially like the 9/11 stuff and the one about Dad.

  3. Jarr said... Nice, it's good to see that the other half of your split personality is complimentary :)

  4. Amen brother! Could have not said it better myself. I agree with Saark, I try not to PuG in the first place.....


  5. Hehe, nine kinds of fail. Sorry took so long to getting around to reading this one buddy, I heard from many that it was a good one.

    The summon one is the one that irritates me the most. Full group? Okay lets head there. Five minutes later, I'm the only one at the stone. Annoys me to no end.

    I got another one for your list:

    Couple days ago I was in a group for the daily heroic, okay. Two Dks were the pugs. BOTH were in Dalaran, and BOTH on TWO seperate occassions asked in party, "Can anyone share the daily?" Thats right, not once, but twice. I am not a fan of lazyness. I don't mind sharing the quest if you're not in dalaran or something like that (stuck in Azeroth with no hearth). But being IN Dalaran. Right next to the quest giver and asking for someone else to share? I hate you, and I hope you die. No, I will not share it with you.

    Another thing that gets on my nerves...

    The people who butcher the English language. Not the people who English isn't their standard. But the people who talk like "wat r u doin??". The people who just refuse to type an extra later to make them not seem like a blatant retard. This isn't your cell phone and you're not texting. Take the time to not sound like an idiot, and I won't treat you like one.

    Great post again Jarr. Can't wait to read the next one!

  6. A tride and true post, agreed on most points. But now that patch 3.3 came out, PuGs have been so smooth (mostly, 1 of every 10 groups seems to have their rough edges) and haven't met anyone who could be called lazy yet, since it just made things that much easier lol. People can self teleport now and no need to run to a summoning stone. Hope ya write a new post on the new patch, I am sure you have come nifty things to say ;)