Jun 24, 2010

LFG: Frost Lord Ahune

Curse you Lord Ahune! Why are you being so stingy with your capes? Casters get all the love as do the Agility wearing crew, but have you no love or loathing for the big shinny folks with the big swords 'n boards?

I guess I really can't complain though. I got the rogue an easy upgrade. Pugging it is fantastically easy with the LFG/LFD tool, with queues averaging about 4 minutes for DPS and even faster for healers and tanks.

Still no pet though and no tanking cape for my Tankadin-wannabe. Oh well. Guess I have a bit more farming to do.

If you have a new toon or with a sub-par cape (ie below ilvl 232) jump in and grab free a free upgrade from Frosty here. Though don't you dare roll on my tanker cape. I called it. Dibs! See it's mine. I called dibs. If you can call "dibs on a spaceship," I can call dibs on a loot drop. Dibs!

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